Academic Programmes

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programmes

Enjoy the flexibility of our weekday and weekend classes as you earn up to 3 certificates with our globally recognised, AACSB, ABEST21, & MQA-accredited MBA programmes! Build your professional network through our partnerships with renowned industry bodies: Chartered Management Institute (CMI), The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA), the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM) and the Institute of Marketing Malaysia (IMM).

This programme is designed for professionals seeking expertise in corporate governance practices to navigate complex ethical and regulatory frameworks in public and private corporate settings.

This programme focuses on developing leaders who can effectively manage and optimise talent to foster a culture of long-term growth and productivity within organisations.

This programme is tailored for individuals aspiring to excel in the dynamic field of marketing, providing comprehensive knowledge to create and deliver impactful marketing campaigns that drive business success.

This programme offers a deep understanding of financial management, equipping students with the analytical skills and practical expertise required to make strategic financial decisions in a global business environment.

This programme prepares professionals to thrive in the global marketplace by building a comprehensive understanding of international business practices, cross-cultural management, multinational logistics, and global strategy.

This programme develops strong managerial and leadership skills, equipping students with the tools to effectively drive organisational change and achieve business objectives as value-driven human leaders.

This programme offers working professionals the flexibility to enhance their business knowledge and skills at their own pace and convenience.

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration (PGCert) Programme

This programme offers specialised knowledge in various business disciplines, allowing professionals to enhance their skills in a specific area and advance their career prospects in the competitive business environment.

Master of Science (MSc) Programme

This programme provides specialised theoretical knowledge and research experience in various business disciplines, empowering students with in-depth expertise for their chosen career paths.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programmes

Immerse in global business perspectives with Putra Business School’s globally-accredited PhD Programmes. Share your thoughts and enquiries with our 100% Doctorate holders and industry-experienced academicians.

This programme offers rigorous research training in accounting theory, methodologies, and analysis to produce scholars capable of contributing to best practices and trends in the field of accounting.

This programme develops research expertise in financial theory and empirical analysis, preparing scholars to add significant value to the field of finance and investments.

This programme equips students with the skills to conduct impactful research in various management fields relevant to current challenges and demands, such as social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

This programme is designed for candidates aspiring to advance theory and practice in the field of marketing, including in key areas such as branding, social media, and consumer psychology.

Student Mobility Programme

PBS’ Student Mobility Programme offers students a unique opportunity for cultural immersion and in-depth academic learning with its partner universities around the world. Students will be able to enhance international experiences and develop cross-cultural competencies while preparing them to be better global citizens.