Student Publication Incentives

Details of the Student Publication Incentives (SPI) are as follows:

  • The SPI scheme will take effect from January 1st, 2024, i.e., papers published in 2023 or earlier are not entitled to receive the incentive.
  • During the application of this journal publication claim scheme, the status of the student must be active and continue.
  • Besides, the application will only be accepted after the student has met their graduation requirement i.e., he/she already published TWO (2) CIJ publications during the period of study.
  • Further, papers published without PBS as the affiliation as well as not cited supervisors and co-supervisors as co-authors are not eligible to apply for this scheme.
  • In addition, the journal topic must relate to the student’s thesis topic. The verification will be checked by RMC.
  • The publication scheme is in terms of cash reward. The MAXIMUM amount that can be claimed by a student is RM3,000 throughout his/her postgraduate study in PBS.
  • The reward will be provided based on the respective journal quartile. However, for papers appearing in both indexed databases, the higher quartile will be recognized.
  • The paper must be published in the CIJ journal. In other words, a paper already published OR accepted in the said journal is eligible for this scheme.
  • The journal publication claim scheme application form (with evidence) must be received by PBS in the year the paper is published.
  • Nevertheless, the publication reward application for a paper published in December month is allowed to be submitted not later than the 7th of January of the subsequent year.

The SPI Reward Scheme

UTD – 24 of FT 501500.00
Web of Science (WoS)
1.       Q1
2.       Q2
3.       Q3
4.       Q4

Registered IP1000.00
Commercialized Product2000.00