Ungku Azlan Shah Ungku Chulan

Ungku Azlan Shah Ungku Chulan is a certified NLP trainer who provides training to professionals and
individuals in personal development. Being in the corporate training sector for the past 10 years, Azlan has had the honour of conducting hundreds of programs to thousands of people all over the country, helping them move forward in their lives and careers and achieve amazing things.

Azlan is the Founder and NLP Trainer of Quantum Tech Consultancy. Azlan actively conducts nlp-based training programs for the government and private sectors ranging from students, non executives,executives as well as top level managements. Azlan’s programs have often been described as enlightening, enjoyable and highly interactive!

Ungku Azlan Shah Ungku Chulan holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Development,  a B. App.Sc. and a B. Arch (Hons). He is currently pursuing his PhD at UPNM.


Courses Offered

Power-Up! – a self-transformational program based on NLP principles and techniques

  • Develop a new way of thinking to produce optimism and energy
  • Create goals that will ensure success
  • Develop wonderful relationships that will lead to synergy
  • Build self confidence that will enhance your potential
  • Make yourself more effective to improve performance

Power-Up for Managers – bringing out the best leader in you using NLP

  • Improve your ability to influence others in a positive way to achieve more
  • Lead and motivate others in a positive and constructive way
  • Develop, refine and accomplish goals
  • Make effective changes and create positive results

Power-Up your Sales – NLP techniques for sales people

  • Understand the mind-set of a successful salesperson
  • Build rapport in the shortest time with a variable personalities
  • Explore the limitless potential of unconscious communication
  • Create the demand for your products and services

Power-Up your Presentation – refine your presentation skills using NLP principles

  • Learn to improve your presentation skills
  • Enhance your self confidence
  • Discover how the skills of top trainers can work for you
  • Communicate at different psychological levels simultaneously

Power-Up for Facilitators – design and implement programs which are effective and memorable

  • Appreciate how the mind works and its implications towards learning
  • Learn in depth the principles of Quantum Learning and how to apply it in the classroom
  • Enhance your teaching process by making it more enjoyable and effective
  • Increase understanding and retention on the materials learnt by students

Power-Up your Customer Service – bringing the ‘WOW’ to your customers

  • Realize how much potential you have to improve your service
  • Equip yourself with a toolset of building rapport, effective listening, problem solving etc
  • Achieve personal excellence by understanding and working with people around you
  • Embark on a plan of action to immediately improve the Service Quality of your organization


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