Prof. Dr. Sha’ari Abd Hamid

Teaching and learning has been Sha’ari’s lifeblood. Upon completing his secondary school and subsequently earning a Diploma in Agriculture (KPM), Sha’ari worked as an extension agent, promoting good farming and business practices among farmers in the ‘Rice Bowl’ of the country for 4 years.

He reckoned that he needed to propel himself and thus moved to the capital city to seek better opportunities. He was fortunate to be employed by Agro Bank, whose CEO was sympathetic of his desire for further education. From then on, Sha’ari has remained close to learning and teaching till this very day. He earned his BSc Agribusiness (KPM) in 1977; MBA (MSU) in 1980; and DBA (MSU) in 1986 as an adult learner, juggling his time between family responsibilities, work commitments, and class schedules. For his DBA, Sha’ari majored in Finance and minored in Economics and Marketing.

To date, Sha’ari has cumulated 38 years of work experience as an academician – 20 in UPM and 18 in OUM. In UPM, apart from teaching, Sha’ari had been very much involved in training, entrepreneurship and SME development, and Islamic accounting and finance. In terms of administrative responsibilities, Sha’ari shouldered various positions, namely: Coordinator of Small Business Development Centre; Head of Department of Accounting & Finance; and Director of Training of the then Malaysian Graduate School Management.

In OUM, Sha’ari experienced partaking in the process of establishing and managing the growth of OUM in a complete Product Life Cycle (PLC); from introduction through to maturity, he undertook various activities to extend the life of the company’s products. Also, he was instrumental in applying the BCG Matrix to strategically manage the available products on offer.

During his engagement at OUM, Sha’ari was promoted from his initial position as Dean of Business, to Dean of Graduate School, to Deputy Vice President of Institute of Teaching & Learning Advancement, and finally to Vice President (Academic) of OUM. As an academician, Shaari climbed up the ladder as a Professor in 2004 and as a Senior Professor in 2015.

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