Dr. N .Tamizarasu

Dr. N .Tamizarasu is a senior management professional at MNC with more than 25 years of rich experience in Manufacturing, IT Shared Services Operation & Strategy, Cooperate IT Security Policy Management, Product Innovation and New Business Development. Some of his notable achievements include being an advisor for the Ministry of Finance and Jabatan Perdana Menteri as well as being the Chief Consultant in the E-Government flagship for MSC CyberCode Sdn Bhd.

He holds a PhD, MBA , Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Sc.


Consultation Services and Courses Offered

  1. Managing Cooperate Information System
    • IS Asset Management
    • IT Security Awareness
    • IT Security Training
    • IT Security Program Development
    • IT Security and Phishing Metrics
    • Change Control administration and management with SDP
    • Change Control with remedy
    • Implementation of Enterprise Solution training programs
    • IT Asset Management
    • Policy and Governance
    • BCP and DR development and training.

  2. Cooperate Big Data Development
    • Big Data and analytics training
    • Big Data Solution Architect and Project Blueprint Management
    • Data Scientist Training

  3. IT Project and Risk Management
    • Enterprise Solution Project Management
    • Effective Stakeholder and End-User Development and Training
    • Digital Transformation and IS Strategy

  4. IS Audit

  6. Innovation IoT Development/Solutions
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