Resource Center & Carrel Room

Resource Centre & Library

Putra Business School (PBS) is equipped with a resource centre which offers basic facilities of a library. Due to our close affiliation with UPM, our staff and students are also provided access to the UPM library. Most of the management business journals are kept as supplements in the main library. All the titles are catalogued and computerised for easy search and reference.

PBS students and staff also have access to the main UPM Library, which currently holds a collection of 670,000 volumes of books and bound journals, as well as a collection of maps, sound recordings, microforms, videotapes and slides. Students and staff just have to login to the EZaccess system to access all subscribed online databases and journals.

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Carrel Room

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Mr. Shafik:

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+60 10-830 8860

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday | 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM 

Note: These hours may be affected by Malaysian public holidays or celebrations


  1. Complete correctly and submit the Reservation Form to be processed and approved by the Putra Business School (PBS) Facilities Department
  2. Students must read, agree and abide by the TERMS & CONDITIONS FOR RESERVATION & USE OF CARREL ROOMS and CARREL ROOM KEY COLLECTION & RETURN INSTRUCTIONS  as listed below
  3. Failure to abide by the instructions, terms and conditions may result in a fine penalty and have their rights to use the Carrel Room withdrawn or suspended
  1. The reservation of the Carrel Room is made on a “first come, first served” basis. 
  2. The Carrel Room is only eligible for students who are enrolled at PBS with an active status. 
  3. The Carrel Room may only be reserved for three (3) days at one time of which upon expiry of the period of reservation, the student is required to return the key to the Facilities Department immediately.
  4. Extension/renewable use must be made under a new reservation. Occupancy will be deemed to have expired if the students fail to extend their booking and the Carrel Room will be made available to other eligible users
  5. Only the students who have been granted authorization to use the Carrel Room are entitled to enter the room. The Carrel Room is strictly for single occupancy and not to be shared with anyone, students are not permitted to allow any unauthorized visitors into the Carrel Room.
  6. The usage of the Carrel Room is intended solely for academic purposes.
  7. Do not stick any paper or notice on the walls/door of the Carrel Room
  8. Do not leave any learning materials/books/personal items/valuables (e.g., laptop, wire extension) in the Carrel Room unsupervised. PBS shall not be responsible and be held liable for any loss or damage of the aforementioned which are left in the Carrel Room.
  9. Eating, drinking, and smoking/vaping are strictly prohibited in the Carrel Room.
  10. Any damage to the furniture or other facilities in the room MUST be reported immediately to the PBS Facilities Department
  11. The students are to keep the talking and noise levels at a minimum, and electronic devices on silent mode, to avoid disturbing the other students.
  12. The PBS staff reserves the absolute right and discretion to inspect the Carrel Room from time to time.
  13. Always keep the Carrel Room clean, neat, tidy and any furniture or equipment in its original place during and after the occupancy.
  14. Please switch off the lights and properly lock the door immediately upon leaving the room.
  15. All the terms and conditions must be complied with. If the student is found to be abusing the carrel room or does not comply with any of the above rules, the reservation of the Carrel Room will be immediately withdrawn.
  1. Upon submission of this form, the student will be notified by a member of PBS’ Facilities Department via email on whether or not his/her reservation is approved
  2. All collection and return of Carrel Room keys are to be made at the Student Service Counter on Level 3, Putra Business School during working hours of Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM, unless informed otherwise
  3. Collecting and returning of the room key on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will not be entertained unless deemed necessary or with a valid reason
  4. Students are prohibited to duplicate the Carrel Room keys
  5. Loss/damage of the Carrel Room key MUST be reported to the PBS Facilities Department
  6. Failure to return the Carrel Room key after use or expiry date may result in a fine penalty and have their rights to use the Carrel Room withdrawn or suspended