Room and Space Booking Schedule

Putra Business School offers several spaces on our building for you to host your next meeting, conference or event at. The information on the rooms and spaces that we provide are in the table below. Please do refer to the availability of the event space/rooms before booking by looking at their schedule below. Please click here to download the booking form.

For further inquiries, please contact the person in charge: Mr. Amirul via email (, telephone (03-9769 8828) or whatsapp (+6013-970 2372).


No Room Name Level Capacity/Person
1 Mini Auditorium 2 3 80
2 Angsana Putra Rooms 2 25
3 Wacana Putra Rooms 2 25
4 Sri Putra Rooms 2 36
5 Lestari Putra Room 2 20
6 Computer Lab 3 35
7 Holding Room (VIP Room) 3 8
Mini Auditorium 2


Angsana Putra Rooms

Angsana Putra 1Angsana Putra 2Angsana Putra 3
Angsana Putra

Wacana Putra Rooms

Wacana Putra 1Wacana Putra 2Wacana Putra 3
Wacana Putra 4

Sri Putra Rooms

Sri Putra 1Sri Putra 2

Lestari Putra Room 4

Lestari Putra 1Lestari Putra 2

Computer Lab

Computer Lab 1Computer Lab 2

Holding Room (VIP Room)

Holding Room 1Holding Room 2