About PURE Series 3

Putra Business School Research Colloquium (PURE) Series 3 is a postgraduate colloquium organized by Putra Business School.

PURE aims to provide a platform to showcase postgraduate research and share contemporary issues in research.

PURE outlines activities includes oral presentation and technical sessions, which will be conducted by invited expert panels to assist postgraduate students in research aspects. Additionally, selected Best Papers will receive sponsorship to publish in cited index journals.

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Dato’ Ts. Dr. Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi is currently the Assistant Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) and a Professor at the Faculty of Defence Science and Technology, National Defence University of Malaysia.

He is an active researcher and has produced over 100 academic research papers (including journals, proceedings and technical reports). 

Programme Schedule

*Please note that the schedule above is tentative and is subject to change without notice.

Registration Information

Registration for presenters is closed thus you can only register as audience here.

Abstract Submission

Please download the abstract template here and ensure:

  • Your abstract must have a minimum of 250 words with a maximum 500 words;
  • Your supervisor have approved of the submission; &
  • Authors are also advised to proofread their abstracts because abstracts will be reproduced from the online submission. Any error in spelling or grammar will appear in the distributed e-book.
  • If you are new to your research and do not have any design or outcome yet, you can include your proposed research design and expected research outcome. You can discuss this with your supervisor.

Please take note that only online submissions, via email or the Google Form, will be accepted and all abstracts sent by walk in (hardcopy), fax or post will not be considered.

Powerpoint Slides Submission

Presenters will each be given a 15 minute (2 minutes to prepare, 8 minutes presentation and 5 minutes Q&A) time slot for their oral presentation thus each presenters will need to prepare a Powerpoint presentation slide to accompany their presentation. The slides must be 8 pages maximum. The Powerpoint slides need to be emailed to pure2020@putrabs.edu.my by 6 November 2020.

Video Recording Submission

Due to COVID-19, we have decided to turn our PURE colloquium from a physical event into a virtual one. Due to this, our assessors had requested for the presenters to send in a video recording of themselves presenting their topic. Please be informed that the video recording must be:

  • in high resolution;
  • your voice is clearly heard; &
  • be approximately 10 minutes, no more and no less.

Your video recording must be emailed to pure2020@putrabs.edu.my by 16 November 2020. You can use Google Drive, Wetransfer, Smash and Dropbox (or any websites you prefer).

Video to help you on how to record your presentation.  

How to Record Video Using Powerpoint

Registration Fee & Payment Information

Please see below

The fee for the virtual colloquium is RM50 for presenters and RM25 for audience

Payment can be made via bank transfer. If you would like to make payment via credit card, please do email finance@putrabs.edu.my and our Finance staff will guide you on the method to do so.


Please make payment to:

Account Name:
Yayasan Putra Business School

Account No.:
5621 4240 5860

Bank Name:

Swift Code:

Proof of payment is compulsory to be emailed to pure2020@putrabs.edu.my.

Payment will not be processed if the proof is not submitted.

Important Dates


Opening Date for Registration: 5 October 2020


Last Day for Submission of Abstract:2 November 2020 11 November 2020 


Last Day for Submission of Powerpoint Slides: 6 November 2020 16 November 2020


Last Day for Submission of Video Recording: 16 November 2020


Colloquium Date: 25 November 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it compulsory for students to present at the colloquium?

Yes. PBS thesis programme students are required to participate in the colloquium at least once during their study duration.

How often is the colloquium held?
It is held every six months.
Can I still be a presenter even if I had presented in the previous colloquium?

Yes, you certainly can and you are highly encouraged to do so.

What should I write in the abstract template if I have yet to have any outcomes from my research?

You should include your proposed research design and expected research outcome in the abstract template given.

What are the criteria that presenters are evaluated on?

For students who had yet to do their Proposal Defence (PD), they will be evaluated on their Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology and Overall Performance.

For students who had completed their Proposal Defence (PD), they will be evaluated on their Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Ability to Interpret Results, Discussion on the Body of Knowledge and Overall Performance.

Can I join even if I am not a PBS student?
Of course. Please do state the name of your university in the Google Form.
Why do I still have to pay RM50 despite this event being a virtual one?

Because you will still be getting the official PURE Series 3 lanyard, a pendrive, certificate and some other souvenirs, which you can collect later when you are at PBS.

Contact Us

Drop us a line at pure2020@putrabs.edu.my or call us at 03-9769 1790 / 1792.

We look forward to seeing you at PURE Series 3!