Investment and Security Analysis


The course involves an in-depth discussion on the fundamental of Investment and Security Analysis. The aims are to understand the different investment alternatives available in the market and to evaluate securities by using the valuation principles and techniques in order for the investors to make informed investment decisions. The goal of this course is also to select portfolio of securities that meet pre-determined levels of return based on their risk acceptance level. The topics include the investment setting and set allocation decision, global investment choices organisation and functioning of securities markets, security- market indexes, valuation principles and practices, analysis of common stocks, analysis of bonds, analysis derivatives security and detailed discussion of portfolio theory, management, and performance evaluation.

Course Code:FIN7209
Course Mode:Physical / Face-to-face @ PBS, UPM Serdang
Delivery:Weekends | 3 hours 45 minutes per session | 8 sessions | 30 contact hours
Intakes:January | May | September
Fee:RM800.00 (Without credit transfer)
RM2,100.00 (With credit transfer)
Eligibility for MBA Credit Transfer:Yes, subject to fulfilling MBA entry requirements

Course Content

TopicCourse Name
TOPIC 1The investment setting
TOPIC 2The asset allocation decision
TOPIC 3Security market indexes
TOPIC 4Efficient capital market
TOPIC 5Bond fundamental, the analysis and valuation of bond
TOPIC 6Security analysis
TOPIC 7Derivatives security analysis
TOPIC 8AI and blockchain applications in investment management


Dr. Noor Maimun Abdul Wahab

[email protected]

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