International Finance


The course provides a comprehensive coverage of international financial management and international trade finance. Then, it explores the international financial environment that includes the international monetary system, international financial markets, foreign exchange market, as well as currency futures and option markets. The course also discusses the factors that determine exchange rate changes, including the underpinning theories (international parity relationships). Following thus, the course emphasizes the management of currency exposure. Finally, it focuses on the key components of multinational corporate finance, more specifically, capital budgeting, cost of capital, capital structure and working capital management. The real world aspects of International finance are explored through research papers, case studies and media report on current events.

Course Code:FIN7102
Course Mode:Physical / Face-to-face @ PBS, UPM Serdang
Delivery:Weekends | 3 hours 45 minutes per session | 8 sessions | 30 contact hours
Intakes:January | May | September
Fee:RM800.00 (Without credit transfer)
RM2,100.00 (With credit transfer)
Eligibility for MBA Credit Transfer:Yes, subject to fulfilling MBA entry requirements

Course Content

TopicCourse Name
TOPIC 1Introduction to International Finance
TOPIC 2Foreign Exchange Market
TOPIC 3Exchange rate determinants
TOPIC 4International parity relationships
TOPIC 5Currency derivatives
TOPIC 6Managing transaction exposures
TOPIC 7Managing economic & translation exposures
TOPIC 8Managing capital budgeting
TOPIC 9Multinational cost of capital & capital structure
TOPIC 10Multinational working capital management


Dr Noor Maimun Abdul Wahab

[email protected]

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