Human Resource Management


This course explores the principles, concepts and theories and practices in Human Resource Management (HRM) at the local and global contexts. The course specifically examines the current trends and classical practices on various aspects of HRM such as workforce planning and decision making, staffing, performance management, human resource development, compensation and benefit, occupational safety and health, as well as Industrial/Employee relations.  It will also examine how HR practicioners respond to the dynamic external and internal environmental changes. The student will be evaluated based on the theoretical and practical aspects of each topic. At the end of the course student will be able to apply HRM concepts in addressing the challenges and issues that after HRM practices in Organisations.  

Course Code:HPM7201
Course Mode:Physical / Face-to-face @ PBS, UPM Serdang
Delivery:Weekends | 3 hours 45 minutes per session | 8 sessions | 30 contact hours
Intakes:January | May | September
Fee:RM800.00 (Without credit transfer)
RM2,100.00 (With credit transfer)
Eligibility for MBA Credit Transfer:Yes, subject to fulfiling MBA entry requirements

Course Content

TopicCourse Name
TOPIC 1Overview of Human Resource
TOPIC 2Staffing
TOPIC 3Human Resource Development
TOPIC 4Remuneration and Compensation
TOPIC 5Industrial/Employee Relations (IR/ER) and Occupational Safety and Health
TOPIC 6International HRM
TOPIC 7Current HRM issues and Challenges


Prof. Dr. Hishamuddin Md Som

[email protected]

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