Business Economics


The course focuses on the application of economic theory and decision science tools to determine the optimal solution to business economics decision problem. The topics to be discussed include demand and supply analysis, production and costs, the pricing and output decision as well as macroeconomics implication and globalization.

Course Code:ECO7101
Course Mode:Physical / Face-to-face @ PBS, UPM Serdang
Delivery:Weekends | 3 hours 45 minutes per session | 8 sessions | 30 contact hours
Intakes:January | May | September
Fee:RM800.00 (Without credit transfer)
RM2,100.00 (With credit transfer)
Eligibility for MBA Credit Transfer:Yes, subject to fulfiling MBA entry requirements

Course Content

TopicCourse Name
TOPIC 1Introduction to business economics
TOPIC 2Introduction to Microeconomics
TOPIC 3Elasticity
TOPIC 4Cost of production
TOPIC 5Market structures
TOPIC 6Introduction to Macroeconomics
TOPIC 7Price and the market
TOPIC 8Global business and economics


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ida Md Yasin

[email protected]

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