At PBS we also provide a range of consultancy and training services for all industry sectors – because humans are involved everywhere.

Human governance (HG) is more than just an academic endeavor. HG is also a set of principles that can be applied and deployed in practice. Transforming business processes cannot be done by merely changes to processes and strategies. Transformation has to start with the human being.

Types of Training & Consultancy

We are able to provide a wide range of programs which include, but are not limited to:

• training seminars
• informational and motivational talks
• team building retreats
• customised workshops
• management consultancy
• organisational transformation

These can be tailored to your request and circumstance. We believe every situation is unique and different, even though problems and business processes may look the same. The difference is people: the people who work there, the people who are affected, the people who will make it work — or not. We believe no two approaches are the same, just as no two humans are the same.

Corporate Strategy Simulation (CSS) Workshop, click here for details.


We employ a 5-step change management process:

ASSESS organisational culture and values, capabilities, issues and challenges

DEFINE the desired state, strategic change objectives and critical success factors

PLAN the overall change strategy and plan, conduct key stakeholder analysis and alignment support

LEAD the change, communicate the change and inspire staff

SUSTAIN the change over time

Network of experts

We are proud to have, in addition to our learned scholars, access to a wide range of experienced industry practitioners and subject matter experts in their own industry. In areas where our scholars are not familiar, we bring in experienced industry practitioners, who share what they know about best practices and latest developments in their respective industries. These practitioners are hand-picked to be expert in their field and care about the things we consider important in HG. That way we provide the synergy of the best of research and practice for our clients.

Click here for the profile of our trainers and the courses offered by them.

As a business school, we have no vested interest except to do a good job of unleashing the innate potential in every one of us, and to bring back the role of what businesses are originally intended to play – as enablers of societal well-being.

If there is something specific you need, feel free to contact us. Call us if you think we can help.