Founding Philosophy

What makes PBS truly unique is our philosophy.

All of us at  PBS – management, faculty and staff are wholly committed to a belief in human governance as the bedrock of a sound, realistic, forward-looking business and corporate philosophy. We are, in fact, introducing our students to a new paradigm – one that includes a broad rejection of the philosophy of reductionism. We believe that harmony can be found, and fostered, in all human endeavours, and that life is not an “either/or” proposition.

We believe that in order to prosper and serve society, business leaders must be nurtured as human beings with strong ethical values, and that companies need to recruit and retain individuals.


Our Core Values

The recurrence of many corporate scandals since Enron and World Com manifests a failure of corporate governance as a strategy to govern corporations through externally imposed rules and regulations. Because corporate behavior is but a projection of human behavior, which, in turn, is the shadow of human essence, we posit that good governance should focus on governing the behavior of humans within the corporation, instead of focusing on the corporation per Se. We term this governance mode human governance. Human governance as an internal guiding light emphasizes ethical conduct through a values- and principles-based framework. We believe that once human governance is actualized, good corporate governance will ensue.