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Selected Alumni Stories

Andrew Dawson

Putra Business School was a fantastic experience both personally and educationally. The faculty and staff at PBS were incredibly helpful. From my initial visit to campus to learn about the program, and throughout the courses, the faculty and staff provided assistance and made me feel welcomed at the school.

As an international student, the international accreditation of Putra Business School is a valuable added bonus to the education. And in the classroom, I was able to learn with a cohort of peers from all over the world. It was truly an international education experience, and I was able to make lasting friendships and connections with the classmates.

I am thankful to the faculty, staff and my fellow classmates at Putra Business School for the wonderful experience I had in the Master of Business Administration program. Putra Business School helped me learn about practical and theoretical business skills.

And with the international experience of classmates and faculty, I was able to gain a better understanding of other cultures and business practices around the world.

Chua Hui Chee

PBS’ collaboration with MAICSA to equip graduates with necessary skill sets in both the areas of business management and governance. Also, I was able to acquire dual certificates by joining the MBA (Corporate Governance) programme, which will be helpful for my career advancement.

Chua Hui Min

The course structure which is suitable with the needs of the industry and also the collaboration of PBS with industry and professional bodies such as MAICSA through the MBA (Corporate Governance) programme provides me with the opportunity to be an associate member of MAICSA upon graduation. Secondly, it is because of PBS’ reputation which is well regarded as a top business school in Malaysia and is also well recognised in the region.

Wan Muhammad Afifuddin Bin Wan Akashah

Running a family business and pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the same time surely will have a lot of obstacles, hardships and make you think twice.

However, when I pursued MBA at Putra Business School (PBS), it is totally different from what I am thinking ? Totally awesome and made my dream to have MBA quite smooth.

The lecturers and management staffs are very supportive and experienced. The facilities are well coordinated and the learning schedules are very flexible and convenient.

Hong Yu Shen / Isabel Hong

1. What/who is your motivation to complete your postgraduate journey?

The main motivation for me during my journey as a Masters’s student was first and foremost the desire to pursue new knowledge for the sake of God and the second was to bring pride to my beloved parents, family, lecturers and friends.

2. How did you overcome the challenges while studying?

Personally, I used to embark on one concept “God does not burden the soul more than it can bear” and the fact that I’m doing it for the right reasons.

3. Any advice for future students?

Future researchers don’t be afraid or think it’s too late to be a student once again. It’s as refreshing as having a cup of lemonade. Where the pursuit of new knowledge it’s parallel to updating your software so don’t ever get obsolete.

Leow Kheng Jin / Edward Leow

1. What/who is your motivation to complete your postgraduate journey?

My parents, my friends from PBS, my management, and my lecturers.

2. How did you overcome the challenges while studying?

It all goes down to a discussion with team members and lecturers. In fact, our lecturers wanted us to go beyond academic so, it’s all about finding practical creativity

3. Any advice for future students?

MBA from PBS brings a whole new experience with industrial experience lecturers, it gives greater value beyond the academic world

Hee Ten Kit

1. What/who is your motivation to complete your postgraduate journey?

Personal fulfilment and encouragement from coursemates are the drives to complete my postgraduate journey.

2. How did you overcome the challenges while studying?

Commitment is the key to overcoming the challenges while studying part-time. It is important to find/form a study group/team for effective learning and knowledge sharing.

3. Any advice for future students?

Enjoy the learning process because there is no take-two in life. Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want now

Noura Ayad

1. What/who is your motivation to complete your postgraduate journey?

My mother was encouraging me always to complete my study plus dr device and Dr. Ida Yasin  helped me a lot and always motivate me

2. How did you overcome the challenges while studying?

Since the 1st semester, I joined pbs I joined I was working with team consists of 4 students and they was very helpful and committed plus working stuff in pbs like Ms. Noorzawani she always reply all my questions on time and help me while submitting my final project And ms Hayati finalize all the visa issues without any problems.

3. Any advice for future students?

Choose your friends and the team that you are going to work with them carefully. Always submit your assignment on time

Aiman Hamzah bin Abdul Halim

1. What/who is your motivation to complete your postgraduate journey?

With the high levels of competition in certain professional fields, having MBA as a Master’s Degree lends an advantage to enhance my career prospect. 

2. How did you overcome the challenges while studying?

One of the best ways to overcome challenges is through effective collaboration and working as a team with other colleagues’ collective goals. Concurrently, collaboration stimulates the development of higher-level thinking, oral communication, self-management and leadership skills.

3. Any advice for future students?

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Nurul Syafeqah binti Marzuki

1. What/who is your motivation to complete your postgraduate journey?

I completed my undergraduate degree in science mathematics while running a business. This has given me valuable experience in business operations, and I have independently researched good business practices to help grow my business. This has deepened my interest, and I would like to gain more insight through further study in the business field. Besides, pursuing a master’s degree has been my dream, and my parents are as well. My self-motivation and my family keep me motivated to complete my beautiful postgraduate journey.

2. How did you overcome the challenges while studying?

As a student, one may face contrasting challenges in life. I keep myself focused more on the process than the results. Also, I keep in mind that problems are temporary, which helps me improve to become a better version of myself. No matter how hard the problems or challenges may be, I know I am not alone in this battle and will not be stuck in that situation forever.

3. Any advice for future students?

You may experience discouragement and loneliness while pursuing your study, but always remember that things will get better. Being optimistic might make you feel less anxious and encourage you to start looking forward to the future. Even though studying life can be extremely difficult sometimes, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Focus on important things that will enable you to fulfil your life’s ambitions. Most importantly, enjoy every moment of your postgraduate journey!

Hussin Yusof

Great place to be if you are serious about improving yourself. Amazing faculty members who always have the time to share with you. Fast efficient and generous administration – sponsoring us to compete in competitions overseas.

Md. Nur-Al-Ahad

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu

Being motivated by this very line of Lao Tzu, I applied for Putra Business School back in 2013 after being awarded the highly prestigious Yayasan Khazanah Asia Scholarship. Even though there are many world class universities in Malaysia, Putra Business School is the sole business school with AACSB Accreditation. Besides, Putra Business School is the only business school in the world with a “Human Governance” orientation.

The memories of PBS life are still fresh in my mind and it will be always in my mind as one of the greatest experiences in my life time. In PBS, I have met people with a beautiful mind, people with an intense desire to bring about positive change, people who have a passion for human based leadership.  PBS family is a very big and exciting family. They always helped me a lot during my MBA journey. My life in Malaysia has become more pleasant because of the great care by them. During my student life in PBS, I was actively engaged with PSA (Putra Student Association) and met exciting people and also landed journey on couple of interesting projects.

Life in PBS was always about hard work, dedication and passion but there were also time when we got to enjoy ourselves. The “Corporate Strategy Simulation” program is one of the best programs where we got to learn about the exciting world of strategy and its application to real world problems.
I really enjoyed my life in PBS and I would definitely recommend PBS to any prospective students.

Long live PBS Spirit!!
Saya Sayang PBS!!

Sarah Abd Kadir

PBS had so much improved from the first day I joined. I was one of the last GSM batch and too bad, I could not join the interesting activities that they organized after the graduated from the school. Keep up the good work!

Jasur Hasanov

Jasur Hasanov has over 6 years of experience in managing startups and designing and running innovation and entrepreneurship programs. He has founded Sil. (Social Innovation Lab) with ambition to build first unicorn startup born out of Azerbaijan through lifting 50 tech startups annually by 2025. Today, Sil. provides technological, industrial and business mentoring and offers seed funding for early stage startups in cleantech, space, food tech, agritech and creative industries.

Previously, he has founded companies with like (a privately owned IT consulting and services company formed in 2012), (a website that lets users easily find things they need from their neighbors – for free), (a platform for local farmers to sell their products directly to local consumers).

Jasur holds an MBA from Putra Business School of Universiti Putra Malaysia, BA in Computer Science and also, he is an alumnus of Swedish Institute on “Systems Entrepreneurship”. He previously lectured Principles of Entrepreneurship / Practical Innovation subjects in Baku Engineering University.

Rana Mohsin Ali

“When after 5 years, I will go back to my country, I don’t want to go back, carrying merely a piece of paper as proof of academic achievements. What I am more interested in is experiences, informal learnings, networks, cross border friendships and love.”

Those who know Rana, know this philosophy of him well. Rana has been one of the most active students at Putra Business School.

Nusrat Hafiz

In responding to the descent of entire civilizations into unrest and disarray surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms. Nusrat Hafiz, aspiring PBS PhD Student, addressed the case study of “Restaurant Sectors of Developed and Developing Nations and Innovation in the New Normal after the Covid-19 era”.

The solution that she and her team of five came up with won them 2nd Runner Up for the “Most Genuine Solution” Category in the International Case Competition, which was held during The Business Innovation & Engineering Conference (BIEC) & 2nd International Conference on Risk Management as An Interdisciplinary Approach (ICRMIA) last July 2020.

When asked about the elements which influenced the formation of the solution to their problem, she cited innovation, sustainability and Human Governance-her time at PBS has taught her to be more than a person of success; it taught her to be a person of value.

Nur Hairani (Hani) binti Zainuddin

Ms. Hairani is a proud owner of her own accounting firm.

According to Ms. Hairani, her decision was spurred by the blissful thought of having more quality time to spend with her family. It also presented her with the means to better attend to the needs of one of her children with health issues.

Studying at PBS helped me realize and utilize the many possibilities of having my own business,u0022 Said Ms. Nur Hairani.

She is very thankful to her husband, family, friends and lecturers for their patience and support throughout her journey.

Kew Kai Li

Three years ago, I was looking for an MBA programme with great flexibility to advance my career in the marketing industry after more than ten years of working in the sales &  marketing field.

I decided to enrol in the MBA in marketing programme at Putra Business School (PBS), the top business school in Malaysia with the core value of “Nurturing Human Leaders”. The modular-based programme focusing on marketing and leadership skills and the lectures conducted on weekends perfectly meet my needs.

My journey in PBS has been truly remarkable and fruitfulness. In addition to awarding me a PBS MBA in marketing and the Certified Professional Marketer (CPM) Asia designation, the collaboration programme between PBS and Institute of Marketing Malaysia (IMM) gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn from professionals and marketers from various industries.

I am sure that I made the right decision, and I am grateful for all of the encouragement and support that I have received from my loved one, lecturers, and friends that I made in PBS.

Joyce Liu Yang

As an Accountancy degree holder with 15 years of work experience in Human Resource Management, I have chosen Putra Business School (PBS) to pursue an MBA to enhance my knowledge in Human Resources and my career.

Before joining PBS, I compared many business schools that offered similar MBA courses. There were a few reasons that made me choose PBS in the end. 

First of all, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is a Malaysian research university, which focuses on agricultural sciences since the year 1997, and it has expanded to a wide range of scientific research and education in medicine, engineering, and computer science, biotechnology, and others.

Putra Business School (PBS) is the only business school offering a specialized MBA in Human Potential Management (HPM), based on my earlier research in 2018. This program was a collaboration with the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management (MIHRM). Graduates would be awarded a PBS MBA degree and Certified Advanced Human Resource Manager.

The study experience with PBS was wonderful. The professors have great industry reputations, and the course offered a holistic perspective to beef up my industry knowledge and expanded my network. It turned out that I made the right choice as PBS also has an excellent culture and team chemistry with me.

Ahmad Ashraf Abdul Moef

My Master’s Degree path was intense, yet exhilarating, and truly remarkable. As one of their students, PBS has given me the chance to learn and expand my network of contacts with many excellent people in many industries. My career’s advancement was significantly impacted, and much helpful advice was given. Thank you, PBS, for such a memorable event in my life.

Dr. Siti Zubaidah Mohd Ariffin

Malaysia Airlines (MAS)’ Cabin Crew Dr. Siti Zubaidah graduated with an MBA, specializing in International Business, in 2008 and later a PhD in 2019. Her article during her MBA studies was published in the high-ranking Journal of Air Transport Management.

As a mother to school-going children, maintaining balance between equally important responsibilities between her education and her family of four had been a pressing issue.

“Fortunately, the support given by my supervisors was very helpful especially as they had given advice not merely on academics but also went extra miles to suggest some tips on family-related matters.

These were the professional and personal touch offered that I truly appreciated.”

According to her further, your every effort in managing the challenges is dependent upon the intensity of your desire in completing PhD successfully, but it should never compromise on your humility and your friendship with others.

Syafiq Gerard Nathan bin Abdullah

I appreciate the rigour and quality of PBS’ programme, which despite being challenging, has made me a wiser person both personally and professionally.

As a general manager and civil engineer with over 28 years of experience, I was wary of pursuing a Master’s course that is too textbook-oriented or impractical for the real world. Rather, I sought a practical MBA that would not only leverage and honour my existing expertise but also lift me higher in my career.

PBS was certainly the right choice, as its industry-oriented MBA programme fit my needs perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised to be taught by accomplished industry experts whose teachings and case studies were applicable to my current work projects. I was particularly intrigued by the concept of Human Governance, which was completely new to me. Its value-based framework to “nurture human leaders” has completely refreshed my perspective of leadership in business.

I hope to practice this paradigm in my own leadership henceforth.

Muhammad Nizam Ahmad

Alhamdulillah, the learning and nurturing journey transformed me to be a master in my field. Fulfilling two and half years of process exposed me to the best combination practice from the academician and from the industry. The networking between lectures and classmates from local and international increases my professionalism and confidence to scale up, higher and higher. InsyaAllah,  PBS was and still is one of the great choices I made in my life.

Terima Kasih PBS!

YB Willie Anak Mongin

He also commended the postgraduate programmes at PBS, a practical MBA that would not only leverage and complement his existing expertise, but also able to lift him to a greater height in my career.

“Looking at the brighter side, PBS was certainly the right choice, as its industry-oriented MBA programme fits my needs perfectly. I was particularly intrigued by the concept of Human Governance, which was completely new to me. Its value-based framework to “nurture human leaders” has completely refreshed my business leadership perspective. I hope to practice this paradigm in my leadership henceforth.”