Corporate Strategy Simulation (CSS)

The Corporate Strategy Simulation (CSS) workshop is a two and a half day retreat offered only to students taking the Strategic Management course, conducted at a camp-like environment.

The purpose is to simulate the environment of a forming and managing a team to conduct and successfully carry out a mission – just like a corporate environment or start-up where you often do not have a choice of who you work with or what corporate objectives you have to meet, or how they evolve.

Typically this kind of exercise is a business simulation (primarily analytical) or corporate leadership activity (primarily outdoors). PBS has taken this activity to the next level by developing CSS based on military simulations, also commonly informally known as wargames.

It is a table-top simulation on a 15ft by 12ft topographical map with miniatures representing helicopters, rescue boats, police, fire trucks and so on. Instead of a military setting, the simulation is a humanitarian rescue mission with student teams working in concert to rescue victims in a flood situation in a specific locality. Not only do the teams have to prepare for the flood, they also have to perform rescues, provide for those injured and homeless, they also have to ensure inhabitants are safe and cared for – while coping with unexpected situations. (We can’t tell you what you will face!)


We are very honoured to have Retired First Admiral Soundarajan a/l Kaliappan design and develop this exercise for PBS to add realism and relevance to the simulation – which we believe is a first in Malaysia for a business school.

Military simulations have been used by governments both individually and collaboratively. Simulations are how governments test and refine their military and political policies. Most today know of these simulations in the form of board games or computer-based real-time strategy (RTS) or role-playing games (RPG) – with game rules that can become very complicated. With many users playing at the same time, they become massive multi-player online games (MMPOG).

The CSS table-top version is a not only relevant – our first game last October 2014 was a few weeks before the floods hit in the eastern part of West Malaysia – we help our students to appreciate what our rescue forces have to deal with in event of a wide scale disaster, and why we need a National Preparedness Month in September! And how to organise teams.

In addition, Ret First Admiral Soundarajan says: “These learnings can be applied to the corporate environment as well as family and personal life.” CSS has provided an additional level of awareness to the meaning of Strategic Management.

As the pictures show below, we can have a lot of fun in the process of learning too.

Come to PBS to see what it is like.