Handbooks & Guidelines

Handbook for Students

Our handbook contains information regarding on-campus facilities, academic programs, and student support services to help students prepare themselves for their life journey as PBS students. The handbook also serves as a reference guide for students, to ensure that they are aware of the rules and procedures that are imposed upon them. Among the things mentioned in the handbook are the need to register for courses based on the recommended course structure, minimum class attendance and preparation of the project paper. 

For our research students, the handbook provides information on the process of nominating the supervisory committee, the need to attend the PURE Colloquium, the Proposal Defense and the submission of the Thesis for Viva-voce.

Handbook for International Students

Putra Business School is a great place to further your postgraduate study if you are looking for quality education at an affordable price. We are proud to host students from 27 countries, who account for approximately 40% of our total student population.

Graduate Rules

These rules are clear policies to safeguard the interests of both the students and PBS as the institution. The rules outline academic regulations imposed on the students such as how and why they should remain registered as active students and what happens if they fail to register. These Rules are presented in three (3) categories as follows:

  • Rules for Coursework programmes (Updated September 2023)
  • Rules for MBA – Open & Distance Learning Mode (Updated September 2023)
  • Rules for Research Programmes (Updated September 2023)

Guide to the Preparation of Case Study

Case writing and analysis provide an individual with an opportunity for a vicarious living and learning experience that is relevant and productive for him or her when faced with the need to make difficult decisions logically, analytically, and professionally. This guideline provides the format for writing and analyzing a case that will help a writer attain this experience. The guidelines available are:

  • Guide to the Preparation of Case Study Project Paper
  • Guide to the Preparation of Case Study

Guide to the Preparation of Project Paper

A project paper should contain three main divisions: the preliminary pages or main body, usually divided into parts – chapters and sections; and the supplementary pages, or back end.

Guide to the Preparation of Assignment

Please follow the guidelines provided for your subject assignment.

Guide to Thesis Preparation

The culmination of a postgraduate student’s journey is seen in the completion of his research work in the form of a thesis. This guide will serve as a reference in the preparation of your thesis.