Vision & Mission, Values and Corporate Publications

Our Vision

To be a leading business school in the region, fulfilling global expectations.

Our Mission

  • To produce business graduates who meet the needs of the business community and to develop innovative and socially responsible leaders who are capable of dealing with changes in the global environment;
  • To contribute to the advancement of relevant knowledge in the area of business management by leveraging respected and referred experts; and
  • To foster long-term relationships with industries and communities in order to create a sustainable impact for all.

Core Values

Wholeness. Oneness. Excellence.

Wholeness, Oneness and Excellence are the philosophical pillars upon which the Human Governance (HG) concept rests. These core values stem from the profound insights of wisdom cultures, where leadership cannot be divorced from the wholeness of the leader and the follower, the oneness of the universe, and the excellent qualities of being human

Corporate Publications

The PBS Strategic Plan is the primary official document that provides a roadmap for PBS that will guide and steer our planning and implementation efforts for the next five years.
PBS’ Annual Report
The PBS Pulse is PBS’ Official Newsletter