List of Supervisors for Case Study

The Case Study is a unique form of research output. An academic needs to have published at least one case study for him/her to qualify as a supervisor. There is a certain level of experience and skill needed in order to supervise a student to come up with a proper case study, which includes Parts 1 and 2. This is different from supervising a project paper. Therefore, the following lecturers are qualified to supervise case studies:-

Putra Business School

1. Ahmed Razman Abdul Latiff (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance, Ethics)

2. Foong Soon Yau (Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Management Accounting & Information Systems)

3. Ida Md. Yasin (Dr.)

(Specialisation: International Business, Human Resource Management, General Management)

4.  Devika Nadarajah (Dr.)

(Specialisation: General Management)

Faculty of Economics and Management, UPM

1. Adilah Abdul Razak (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Corporate Law, Company Law)

2. Amalina Abdullah (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Management)

3. Annuar Md Nassir (Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Finance, Investment Analysis, International Finance, Financial Management)

4. Azmawani Abd. Rahman (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Technology and Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Green Operation)

5. Dahlia Zawawi (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Organizational Behavior, Human Resource, Culture and Emotion)

6. Haslinda Hashim (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Gender and Consumption)

7. Ho Jo Ann (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Business Ethics, Human Resource Management, Cultures, Corporate Social Responsibility)

8. Lailawati Mohd Salleh (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Communication, Management, Leadership))

9. Lau Yeng Wai (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Accounting and Finance)

10. Law Siong Hook (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Financial Economics)

11. Mohd Fuaad Said (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Technology Management)

12. Noraziah Abu Kassim (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Management Accounting)

13. Raja Nerina Raja Yusof (Dr.)

(Specialisation: International Business Management)

14. Ridzwana Mohd Said (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Environment Accounting, Financial Accounting))

15. Rosmila Senik, CFiA (Dr.)

(Specialisation: Management Accounting, Accounting Information System, Financial Accounting)

16. Rozanah Abd Rahman (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Business Law, Commercial Law, Labour and Industrial Relations Law, Occupational Safety and Health Law)

17. Serene Ng Siew Imm (Dr.)

(Specialisation: International Business)

18. Siti Rahayu Hussin

(Specialisation: Marketing, Retailing, Consumer Behavior)

19. Wong Foong Yee

(Specialisation: Marketing, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management)

20. Yuhanis Ab. Aziz (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Tourism and Hospitality Management, Services Marketing, Customer Experience Management)

21. Zahira Mohd Ishan (Assoc. Prof. Dr.)

(Specialisation: Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Corporate Law)