IMM Treasure Hunt: A Treasured Memory


By Nur Aisya Sabri
(MBA Class of 2013-2014)
and Johana Ummi Kalthum Hamid
(MM(IT) Class of 2013-2014)
Published: September 3, 2015

The Institute of Marketing Malaysia (IMM) organized Treasure Hunt 2014 on 6 December 2014. Putra Business School participated by sending two teams, each consisting of 4 members. The participants were a mix of students, lecturers and operations staff. IMM provided a thrilling outing which resulted in an unexpected turn of events. The Treasure Hunt started at Persada Plus Subang and ended at Multimedia College in Kuala Lumpur. Each team was given a clipboard which was to be returned at the end of the Hunt. That’s when the excitement and the adrenaline rush began, as the teams needed to fulfill all requirements. Overall, we enjoyed the journey, which was based on Helen Keller’s advice that, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”


Each team was required to find Tulips (clues) along the roads. The lesson learnt was that each detail needs to be analyzed carefully and needs to be precise. Teamwork was really important because all members had to help each other in order to come up with the right answers and reach their destination within the time limit given.

Relying on the Human Governance philosophy of Putra Business School– which encourages teamwork and the cooperation of all team members– PBS teams were able to finish the Treasure Hunt. While maintaining high morale in a cramped space for an extended period required discipline and focus, the members persisted, as Human Governance has taught students to believe in other people and in the ability of oneself.

news-IMM_Treasure_Hunt-2014d Although the teams lost, the journey was meaningful and fun. The event was a huge success, as winning was not nearly as important as the value the members gained by practicing, in real life, Human Governance principles.

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