Counselling Services

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a talk therapy aimed to encourage psychological well-being. Counselling gives opportunity to express feelings and thoughts in a comfort and safety environment. All counselling sessions are strictly private and confidential, exceptional for certain circumstances:

  • Serious or foreseeable harm to yourself or to another person
  • When a child or protected adult is at risk of harm or abuse
  • As ordered by legal court
  • Contagious or life-threatening disease
  • Use of illicit drugs

When to seek for Counselling

As we know, life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes it goes up and sometimes it goes down. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Sometimes happen unexpectedly. We will certainly need to experience and go through our life issues at anytime, anywhere, with anyone and anything as of part our life journey. Some life experiences may cause us to feel negative, down and unable to perform well in daily life. Possibility will lead to mental health issues and even suicide if the issues become severe.

Counselling Services

  • Individual Counselling
  • Group Counselling
  • Career Guidance and Counselling
  • Consultation
  • Psychological and Career Assessment Tools
  • Talks, Workshops (e.g. Personal Development) and Programmes

Duration of Counselling


One counselling session may go up to an hour or more. Sometimes it only requires one session and sometimes may need more sessions over period of times. Furthermore, the duration also depends on the types of issues that are discussed. The schedule can be discussed between the counsellor and client.

Who is your counsellor?


The person is a qualified and registered counsellor under Malaysian Board of Counsellors, as well as well-trained and abide by the counselling ethics and law.

How to approach counsellor


Student can approach counsellor by:

i. walk in to counselling room to make appointment.
Office hour: 8.30am – 5.30pm (weekdays)
Lunch Hour: 1.00pm – 2.00pm (Monday – Thursday)12.15pm – 2.45pm (Friday)

ii. Call/email counsellor to make appointment.
Contact: 03-89467441

iii. Online appointment form

Contact your Counsellor @ PBS


Nor Liyana Binti Sharifudin 

Registered and Licensed Counsellor

No. Perakuan Pendaftaran: KB07809
No. Perakuan Amalan Dwitahunan: PA07361

Bachelor of Education (Guidance and Counselling) – UPM
Contact: 03-89467441

Other counselling and psychiatric helplines


For counselling services, please refer to the link:

For psychiatric services, please refer to the link:

24 hours helpline:
The Befrienders (Kuala Lumpur)
95, Jalan Templer,
46000 PJ, Sel.
T: 03-79571306, F: 03-79570497
24 hours hotline: 03-79568144/ 45
Administration email:
Counselling email:

The Myths and Misconception about Counselling

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