The Academic team at Putra Business School (PBS) are dynamic and dedicated people coming from diverse background, experience and specialisation.

Yet, they all share one thing in common – they are passionate teachers, concerned about their students. Leading the team is Prof. Dr Zulkornain Yusop, our highly knowledgeable, soft-spoken and inspiring President & CEO. The programmes are headed by Prof. Dr Sazali and Dr Ahmad Shaharuddin. Both are very meticulous and experts at number crunching. It is no wonder the school is performing well. Wonderful bosses to work for who strive to put Human Governance into practice. The teaching force comprises of Prof. Dr Abu Bakar, Prof. Dato Dr Noor Inayah Prof. Dr Huam Hon TatProf. Dr Hishamuddin,  Prof. Dr Rosli ,  Prof. Dr Wan Fadzillah,  Prof. Dr Sha’ariProf. Dr Mohammad AliAssoc. Prof. Dr Ahmed Razman , Dr IdaDr Devika, Dr Resul, Dr Norhanim and En.Noor Mohamed. The men are easy-going and very likeable. After a chat with them you would realise that beneath that sociable exterior lies profound knowledge and experience. The ladies are caring and very motherly in their approach who know how to get the job done.